Sr.No Activites Time
1 Counselling  As Per Government Schedule
2 Admission Immediate After Counselling
3 Induction Meeting at college campus On the first day of the commencement of the classess
4 Issuance of I.D. Cards Within 15 days after commencence of classess
5  Practical Sessions As per Academic time table
6 Contious assignments Frequency depends on the programme
7 Assignments submision Within 1 week After receivig the same (may change depending on the programme)
8 Assignment evaluation and feedback With 2 weeks of submisison date (May change depending on the programme) 
9 Terminal Exam December – January
10 Prelim Exam March – April
11 Evaluation of Exam With in 15 days of examination
12 Publication of Results Within one moths after the completion of examination